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Join the Canoe France group

Join the Canoe France group

For 30 years, the GIE "Rivières de France", better known through its brand "Canoë France", has been actively participating in the evolution of the canoe rental business by actively participating in the evolution of a quality of service that is now recognized.

Joining CANOE FRANCE ® is :

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Who can join?

Any private law entity subject to VAT and registered in the Trade Register may apply to join CANOE FRANCE. Membership is the act of a manager, who is a master of the know-how and its evolution, of the development of his structure... but it is the structure that joins!


The survey

The Admission Commission will conduct an investigation. You will have to provide a certain number of elements (statutes, Kbis, last 3 balance sheets validated by a chartered accountant, identity and contact details of the person who will come to sit during the working meetings or who will represent the new company at the AGMs, the existing communication supports, flyers, promotional brochures, website) (an exhaustive list will be provided to you) It is reminded here that it cannot be an employee mandated by the manager or a shareholder. The manager or a shareholder must be present at all meetings of GIE Rivières de France. An employee may be present after agreement of the EIG but under cover and in the presence of a guarantor of the employing structure.
The appointment is taken by the Admission Commission.

The Admissions Committee

The Admission Commission, composed of professional members and members of the GIE Rivières de France office, meets at the headquarters in your presence. During this interview, which generally lasts from one to two hours, you are invited to present, among other things, your company, your strategy and your objectives, your concept, your operation, your network, as well as your development prospects.

Admission criteria

The Admissions Committee is committed to ensuring that your sign complies with the Code of Ethics. In concrete terms, it verifies the following points:

  • The existence of a real know-how. We are professional canoe rental companies kayak. We have a quality charter.
  • The services provided to customers in terms of quality.
  • The structure and organization of the base.
  • The guarantee of the obligations of the sports establishment (declarations, insurances, EPI, ...)
  • The legal balance of the structure.
  • The economic set-up: sources of income, profitability and turnover.
  • The financial situation of the new member.
  • The operating system of the canoe base and its current communication.
  • His membership in the FNLPCK
  • The commitment and future desire for an environmentally friendly eco-citizen commitment
  • The motivation of the newcomer. His dynamism and involvement are studied. It is a commitment because a collective work is necessary.

Liking the activity, appreciating its products, being seduced by the concept would not be enough for the success of our collaboration
Check the adequacy of the man with the GIE.

The decision

At the end of these various interviews, the Admission Commission issues an opinion and proposes to the Board of Directors to accept, refuse or reject the application.
You are admitted as a member for a probationary period of two years. A member of the EIG's Board of Directors will sponsor the new member for a more direct and personal relationship.


The best thing to do before going further in your membership process is to get to know us. We have told you a little about us... Perhaps you would now like to meet us.
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