Big hikes

Leave for canoe or kayak for a stay from 2 to 7 days, dare the bivouac along the route or stop you in one of several campsites which line the river.

Allier it is the pleasure to navigate more than 105 km of descent in formula freedom (total autonomy) or in formula escape (transport of your luggage in every stages, reservations and payments of the overnight stays campsites).

Chapelle de Sainte-Marie-des-Chazes


For any hikes we supply:

  • Tight containers 55 liters
  • Rundown of routes
  • Shuttle by bus to go at the start and the return

Not supplied camping equipment.


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Site de Chanteuges parcours canoe15 Km, 3h of navigation

This route is certainly the most sports of the valley. Numerous rapids will make you discover the enjoyments of the running water. It is also, in our sense, the most attractive. All the way, you will discover the typical basalt rocks of our valley, issued from the strong volcanic activity of the mountains of Auvergne. The granite and the basalt contrast this undiscovered gorge. You will also discover into it the charming village in the edge of the river or perched on height meter rocks for jumping, which forms the charm of this route. The crossing of a slide with canoe will conclude this descent in a refreshing way!


17 Km, 3h30 of navigation

Canoë Langeac - Allier

A section of GORGE where the nature remains king. Herons watches you, trouts and salmons are hiding on the back rock. The most fortunate by being discreet and silent can see them! At the middle route the village of Chilhac overhangs the river. The magnificent basalt organs testify of a place of archaeological wealth. A new slide with canoe then the arrival to Lavoûte Chilhac. The Allier is meander around the village. An incredible open view is offered to you on the prieuré. This building is the first Clunisienne abbey of the region. A visit is strongly advised.


12 Km, 2h of navigation

This route would not confuse Robinson Crusoé! 12 km of greenery, animals in all kind, of peace and serenity. 12 km of happiness to be appreciated in general. The brilliant arrival into the feet of St Ilpize’s fortress.


Canoë à Prades - Allier

12 Km, 2h of navigation

The last route of the Val d’Allier is very wild, the river is however more quiet before the arrival in the plain of Limagne. A visit of the pedestrian streets of Brioude is possible on a week ride. A magnificent beach will be waiting for you at the arrival. Indeed, the restraint of the dam of Bageasse offers a quiet and warm water to make some relaxing swim after a hard day of effort.


45 Km, 2 to 3 added days… !

We change department, we change river! The Allier passes now peacefully, forming of wide meander. Ideal to end one week of navigation by being allowed to be carry by streams.
View points, landscapes, vestiges of the past shall decorate this end of stay. Pebble beaches offers itself to you to a peacefully sunbathe before setting the return bus. And yes, every good thing has got an end, and it is necessary to go, to be able to come back!

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