Is tit important to know how to swim ?

It’s an obligation to know how to swim for children, and for adults, minimum 25 meters, and, put your head under water !

What can I take for wear ?

In summer, short or swimming wear and a boodle of water. After it’s good to have K-Way, wear for change you after activities, and a pull over for activities. Every time, shoes for protect your foot

Can I buy food or water in trip ?

You can have a long road before found somebody. It’s important to buy everything before activities.

Is it important to reserve ?

Yes, for don’t wait at the arriving.

Is their other activity in your valley ?

Yes, many and different one. Cycling, climbing, bridge jumping with elastic, quad, motor, walking in foot or with horses, fishing, museum, raft, and of course, …..Restoration for discover food of the country…