Must we be able to swim?

Yes it is indispensable.
You must be able to swim at least 25 m and to immerse.

Can we take a child with us?

Yes if he is more than 7 years old and knows how to swim and to immerse. If the parents are beginners, we advise you to start with a mini-descent (6 km).

What equipment do we need?

In summer a swimsuit or shorts and a t-shirt will be enough
In spring or automn you have to foresee a windjack and warm clothes that you put on when you stop.

Are there any hotels or restaurants on the waterside?

No, the descent of the Ardèche gorges is executed in a natural reserve, there isn’t any commerce, so you have to bring picnic and drink.
For descentes in several days you have to take tents and sleepingbags.

Which items are there on the bivouac areas?

They are big areas on the waterside with a minimum of comfort for everyone temporal and permanent hosts : toilets facilities, showers, barbecue with charcoal, tables, dustbins and gardiens for emergency ; security and for any information about the natural reserve.

What to do in case of thunder or hightide?

On the Ard̬che and his tributaries, a measuringsystem of the waterlevel permits to anticipate swellings and so we can regulate the descents : green level, open for all Рorange level, open for experienced groups with accompaniment by a canoe instructor Рred level, forbidden.

Can we take our dog?

It’s forbidden in the Nature Reserve. (Trip 24 km 30 km 36 km 60 km)
For the other trips (6 km 8 km 12 km 14 km) we don’t advise. However if you realy insist your dog could occupy a place in the middle of the canoe on condition that you don’t tie him up, just keep him the way that he won’t misplace anybody during the descent or on the way back in the bus.

Are we alowed to fish?

Yes with a licence that you can buy at the Tourist Office.

How do we direct our personal belongings?

We provide containers where you can put your belongings for the overnight, food and drink. The containers are strapped on the boat.

Do we need an instructor?

You can do the descent on your own, if you apply the descent to your capability.
To have an instructor permits you to acquire a better technical level, to have more information about the natural site that you visit and to be assured when you cross the rapids. The accompaniment is indispensable for schools, scouts …

Where do we park  our car or motorbike?

We have at your disposal a large free private parking place  at our office