Do I have to know how to swim ?

Yes, that’s essential.
You must be able to swim at least 25 metre and be able to put you head under water.

Can I bring a child ?

Yes, if it is 5 years old, can swim more than 25 metre and go underwater. Kids from 5 to 10 can sit in the middle of a 3-seater canoe.
If the parents are beginners, we advise you to take a small circuit; a training circuit on the lake is also possible.

What should I wear ?

In summer a bathing suit or shorts and a tee-shirt are sufficient. In spring and autumn, wear a wind-breaker and take warm clothing to put on during stops, and, if you have one, a neoprene wetsuit like windsurfers wear.
And everyone needs water shoes! We sell them at the Home base.

Do I have to go with an instructor ?

Most canoeists go as a family and provided the circuit is chosen to match their physical abilities an instructor is not necessary.
However, going with an instructor enables you to improve your technique, learn more about the site you are visiting and feel safer through the rapids. Instructors are essential for school outings and other groups of children. Instructors must be booked in advance.

Can I stop anywhere and everywhere ?

Yes, there are beaches all along the river. Please pick up all litter and leave none yourself!

Are there restaurants, hotels and camp-sites on the river bank ?

There are several riverside bars you can canoe to that play music to add extra pleasure to your outing.
And near our Home Base there is a big picnic area with tables and a barbecue pit on the river bank.
There are 3 camp sites at Saint Antonin Noble Val with good quality services as well as a wide choice of B&Bs and S/C “gîte” holiday homes with strong personalities. The village also has dormitories for group overnights and large capacity hostels.
If you go on the two-day circuit, you pick the place you want to bivouac overnight and leave your gear there in advance when the shuttle takes you to your starting point. That way, all you take with you in your canoe or kayak is what you need during the day which you put in the watertight containers we supply.

Can I take my dog ?

To keep them from harm we do not advise bringing dogs but if you decide to your dog must be kept unattached on the middle thwart and you must keep your eye on it all the time. When at the Home base you must keep it on a lead at all times. The shuttle bus driver can refuse to take any dogs that are aggressive or threaten the comfort and safety of the other passengers.

Can I fish in the river ?

Yes, if you buy a permit from the Tourist Office. The area and especially its “great habitats” are famous for carp, carnivorous fish and record catfish… a great fishing spot! Over 20 km of banks for night fishing (one of which is below our base) – but every kind of angling is possible in the huge choice of local landscapes… Downloadable Anglers Guide and on line permit sale on the Angling Federation web site.

Do I need to book in advance ?

Yes, so you don’t have to queue and to have a greater choice of craft.