Le Chassezac is the ideal river for relaxing and hanging out.

Descending from the canyons of the Lozère, this main branch of theArdèche, snakes its way through a wide valley before diving into the magnificent gorges which cut for 10 kilometers long through the limestone plateau known asPaïolive.

The Chassezac continues further through plains before joining its illustrious neighbor the Ardèche.

Gorges du Chassezac (Ardèche 07)

How CCC Works

How much time you spend on the water is up to you. You also decide the rhythm of your navigation. At the departure, we will propose a choice of various return schedules.

E.g :

Departure 9.00, arrival 16.00 to Mazet (7km) = two hours for swimming, one hour for picnic, one hour for hanging out, one hour for eating ice cream at the snack bar at the arrival point (build up your strength again).

At the end of your route we will bring you back to the departure in a minibus. It’s also the opportunity to learn more from the driver about the picturesque sites you passed during your paddle.

CCC starting point


Enjoy the amazing landscape of our starting point, with a direct access to the river and its beaches.

You’ll also find: Bar/restaurant, a private parking lot for cars, bikes and motorbikes, changing rooms, a shaded pic-nic area and toilets.

CCC and the Chassezac

Descentes en canoë ChassezacLoving this surprising river, we have lived and worked here for numerous years.

We are committed to sharing our passion for this natural, wild and fragile place with you.

CCC’s commitment to you

We put all of our experience and competence to your service in order to help you to choose the formula best suited to your wishes.
We place great importance on welcoming and satisfying you.
In order to do so, we carefully choose our equipment and take care of its maintenance and daily cleaning.

Extra services

Our extensive knowledge of the area and all the other service providers make it possible for us to assist you easily in developing your plans. Lodging, other activities and visits are no secret for us – just ask!