Nice option

Morning option :

Leaving at 9.00, returning at 12.30 offers the opportunity to take advantage of the limited number of canoes.
Not too hot before the start of the afternoon!

Weekend option (during the season)

Take advantage of the lack of boats on the river at the beginning and end of the weekend!
Calm and relaxation guaranteed.


No need to take a picnic.
Leaving in the morning, you can have a light lunch at the Mazet snack back.
3 kilometers more to find a good spot for a siesta and a swim. The first transport back at 15.00 leaves you still the time to enjoy your afternoon.

Contact us for more info about options

Guided trips

Several times per week, we put together groups which are accompanied by nationally certified canoeing and kayaking guides.
This is the perfect opportunity to get started, to improve ones skills and to bring along children who are younger than 7 or non-swimmers.
Conditions: choosing to come oneself, at least 5 years old, not afraid of the water. Ask for more information!