2 trips

In the heart of theChassezac gorgestwo trips of 7 and 10 kilometers are possible, determined by the only possibilities to exit the gorges.

Gorges du Chassezac en canoe 

7 kilometers, Mazet.

This trip is ideal for discovering this enjoyable activity, most of the gorges, beaches and other natural swimming holes.

Half a day, or 2 hours of navigation is all you need to pass along this route. In this time you will also have ample time to enjoy the landscape and to make a stop every time you’re tempted to.

10 kilometers, Chaulet.

The opportunity to pass through all of the gorges of the chassezac and to step in the traces of the first humans. The end of the route and its majestic cliffs reinforce our feeling of being in an exceptional site.

his is also the opportunity to find oneself in a quite spot for a picnic or siesta. This less-frequented section of the river allows you even in peak season to enjoy the calmness and serenity which inspires this location.

Take one day for these 3 hours of navigation This will leave you ample time for a picnic, to enjoy a swim in various locations and to enjoy the landscape.

Flat water area rental : Canoe & Stand up paddle.

On the water body, you can begin canoe and kayak with smaller children (starting at five years old, by the hour rentals).

Stand up tall and discover a new way to enjoy the river: The Stand Up Paddle !

Our supervised descent

Accompanied descent ( from 5 years old)

For those who want an introduction, to improve their skills and to take children from 5yrs old in complete safety.

One of our instructors will accompany you throughout the descent, teaching you basic canoe handling skills and sharing with you their passion for our beautiful river: flora and fauna, heritage, history… let yourself be lead!

Introduction on flat water area ( from 3 years old)

At the end of the day, when peace and quiet is returned to the river…head out in search of traces of beavers, discover the basics of canoeing with the little ones from 3yrs old, on the flat water area at the CCC base.

Activity supervised by one of our river guides

Adventure kayak

Looking for high adrenalin sensations and to escape into the heart of the nature reserve…with friends or as a family, head out with Mathieu to this secret spot and undertake this challenging option on the upper Chassezac.

Sudden drops, successive rapids and sliding sensations guaranteed!

Accessible to beginners from 12yrs old. Activity supervised by Mathieu, fully qualified.

Gentle Rafting*

Get on board for a family-friendly and convivial raft ride, enjoy the view and let us guide you …
The raft is lead by a qualified and experience instructor, letting you enjoy your ride safely.
* depending on the water levels

Mini-Kayak training

Introduction and instruction by a fully qualified canoe/kayak instructor (july and august).

Swimming, giggling, games in the rapids, exploring the flora and fauna….a head full of memories for the mini kayakists in the making!
It’s fun learning to kayak with Lydie : introduction, advanced training and head off on an adventure!


Descentes en canoë et kayak sur le Chassezac