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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and Conditions of Sale


CANOE-FRANCE.COM is the property of G.I.E. Rivières de France.
Head office : 190, chemin de la Tuilière - 26340 SAILLANS
RCS Romans 385 198 676
Representative : M. MARFAING

The rental partner is the provider of the equipment and services specified in the contract.

The client (Hirer of canoe kayak ) designates the person of age who makes the reservation.
ATTENTION : The client cannot be a minor.
The client commits himself and the persons for whom he has reserved a product (rental, activity) to accept and respect the present general sales conditions.
The client commits himself to inform the persons for whom he has contracted a reservation of the contents and commitments of the present general and particular sales conditions.

The validation of the reservation form is worth for contract between the customer and the renter partner. Following this reservation a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the customer.


2-1/ Prior information

A/ Age of the client and the users of the equipment

The navigation and rental of canoes and kayaks are regulated by French regulations. These regulations may be reinforced by prefectural or local decrees.
Rental by any minor not accompanied by an adult is prohibited.
Special case: On certain rivers or in a specific geographical area, local regulations may restrict the possibility of rental, for example according to age (prefectural or municipal decrees). Please contact your rental partner for more information.
The client remains responsible for the persons for whom he has rented the equipment.

B/ Capabilities required for navigation

In case of non-compliance with the following clauses, no refund of deposit will be made and the amounts paid will be permanently acquired by CANOE-FRANCE.COM.

Navigation is forbidden to people who cannot swim at least 25 meters and immerse themselves.

The adults or legal representatives for minors certify that they have the ability to swim at least 25 meters and to immerse themselves.
The legal representatives of minors are their father, mother or guardians. When the minor is not accompanied by one of these legal representatives, any customer who wishes to navigate with minors must be able to present (at the time of taking equipment) for the latter, a certificate of the legal representative, attesting to these capacities.
CANOE-FRANCE.COM advises against canoeing kayak to pregnant women. The day planned for the descent, it could see refusing by the hirer partner its departure on the river.
The customer certifies to have the physical capacities necessary to carry out the chosen course.
The customer declares and certifies by signing the contract of hiring that the people who accompany him and for which it rented material answer the capacities required for navigation enumerated above and that it controlled well the aforementioned capacities required near them.

C/ Civil liability insurance

CANOE-FRANCE.COM is insured in professional liability, guaranteeing its professional liability.
The rental partner of CANOE-FRANCE.COM, is insured by a policy guaranteeing its civil liability (See display on site).
The customer declares and certifies by signing the contract that he and the persons he authorizes to use the equipment he has rented are insured by a policy guaranteeing their civil liability.

D/ Accessories

CANOE-FRANCE.COM and the rental partner are not responsible for vehicles parked in the rental parking lot.

2-2/ Purpose of the contract

A/ The material

The rental partner of CANOE-FRANCE.COM provides the customer, according to what is specified in the contract (nature and quantity):
- Boats: canoe or kayak
- Individual protective equipment: buoyancy aid called "life jacket" (whose wearing is mandatory).
- Equipment necessary for the practice of Canoe Kayak : paddles and waterproof containers (cans) to carry the personal belongings of the customer during the descent.
All the equipment made available to the customer is in perfect working order and maintained, in accordance with its purpose and regulations.
The rental partner CANOE-FRANCE.COM informs and gives instructions for use of the rented equipment and maintains records of monitoring and control of the rented equipment.

B/ The conditions of use of the rented equipment

The rental contract transfers custody of all the equipment rented to the customer for the duration of the rental.
The rental begins at the time of taking possession of the equipment by the customer and ends at the time of delivery of this equipment by the customer to the lessor. An inventory will be made at the time of return between the two parties, namely between the customer and the lessor.
CANOE-FRANCE.COM and the rental partner can not be held responsible for damages caused to the customer, to persons that the latter has authorized to use the equipment rented by him, to third parties, to the property of the customer and to those of said persons, due to non-compliant use of the equipment rented by the customer or said persons.
The watertightness of the cans (watertight containers) cannot be guaranteed by the lessor because it is subordinated to the closing by its user.

C/ Client's obligations regarding the rented equipment

The wearing of the buoyancy aid(s) (also called life jacket) during the whole descent is mandatory, it must be closed and adjusted close to the body at all times, as long as the customer practices canoeing kayak.
CANOE-FRANCE.COM and the rental partner are not responsible for the use of the rented equipment, in particular for the navigation, nor for the closing, the fastening and the surveillance of the bags, the waterproof containers, the personal belongings of the customer and those who navigate with him.
The customer remains entirely responsible for all the goods carried by himself and the persons for whom he rented the equipment CANOE-FRANCE.COM and the rental partner can not be held responsible for loss, theft or breakage of any property of the customer and those who sail with him, occurred during the realization of the descent.
The rented equipment is intended for the sole use of the customer without the possibility of subletting.

2-3/ The courses offered for rent

A/ Information on the routes and navigation conditions

CANOE-FRANCE.COM proposes a range of descents. It indicates for each of them the mileage, the average duration of navigation (excluding possible stop times), the place of beginning and end of the course, the applicable regulations (navigation, traffic, environment), the difficulties of these descents.
In case of unfavorable meteorological or hydrological conditions the hirer can refuse the rental, subject only to the refund of the deposits paid.

B/ Choice of course

The client is free to choose the route that suits him/her and the persons he/she authorizes to use the equipment he/she has rented. The route chosen by the client is specified in the rental contract.
The client certifies that he/she and the persons he/she authorizes to use the equipment he/she has rented have been informed of the regulations, difficulties and dangers of the route he/she has chosen.

2-4/ The customer's obligations regarding the execution of the descent

The rental partner of CANOE-FRANCE.COM informs the customer of the regulations and signs applicable to the nautical courses, the classes of navigation, the land ways of exit of the course, the hydrological and meteorological data, the conditions of crossing of the works established on the water course when there are such works and the emergency call numbers (Postings).

A/ General French regulations concerning canoeing Kayak

In general, in France, navigation on a river is forbidden when:
- The air temperature is equal to or lower than 0°
- In stormy weather or during a meteorological alert.
- When the river rises and reaches its alert level.
On certain rivers or well specified geographical areas, a specific regulation may exist (prefectoral or local)
These levels can be consulted on the Vigie Crue website
Attention: Wearing closed shoes is compulsory (cf. prefectoral decree).

B/ Loss/Abandonment/Behavior

The abandonment of any material on the course is prohibited. Any abandonment will be charged by the rental partner at the price of the rented equipment, plus the cost of repatriation of the boat and people, search fees will be charged and must be paid without delay.

Loss of equipment: the failure to return the rented equipment, whatever the reason, will result in the billing to the client of the full value of the new state of this equipment at the public selling price, in addition to the cost of the rental, the payment will be made without delay.

The client agrees not to deposit or leave any waste on the courses and to deposit it in a trash can.
The degradation of any public or private property on the parcels bordering the river is forbidden, under penalty of contractual, civil or penal responsibility of the client.
The client agrees to be courteous and to respect the residents and other users of the river.
The realization of the descent is carried out under the responsibility of the client who recognizes to have been informed of the particular conditions of realization of this course.


The reservation is valid for the period booked, it can be modified by the customer:
Whatever the reason (change of route, shuttle schedule, number of people, date, boat ...) the requested modification must be sent by e-mail to the rental company at the latest 48 hours before the date mentioned on the rental contract and can be effective only within the limits of available places. The modification will be systematically confirmed by e-mail to the customer, only the reception of this e-mail will release him from his previous reservation. If this modification leads to a price supplement, the difference will have to be paid at the reception of the renter before departure. If the modification leads to a price reduction, the amount may be the subject of a credit note valid for all our services during the current season.


By the customer subject to the following conditions:

Clients, non-professional individuals, can retract and cancel the reserved service. In case of cancellation of the reservation, the customer will have the possibility of using the payment to reserve another date in the current season.

CANOE-FRANCE.COM reserves the right to reimburse the consumer of the totality of the sums paid, within 30 days at the latest following the date of reservation.

Special cases giving rise to full and individual reimbursement:
- Cases of force majeure: death, hospitalization, serious illness (upon presentation of proof). Please note that for groups, only the persons concerned will be reimbursed.

By the provider:

If for safety reasons: flood, weather conditions... or others the provider is forced to cancel the service, he will inform the customer as soon as possible and will proceed to the full refund of the amounts paid. In this case, he will not be held responsible for the non-execution of the service and will not be condemned to reimburse to the consumer the double of the deposit paid.


The prices appearing on the website are prices including all taxes in euros taking into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order.

The price includes, for each course proposed by CANOE-FRANCE.COM the equipment necessary for navigation and the transport service (if necessary).
Accessories such as neoprene suits are charged in addition by the rental partner (unless the latter in view of the weather conditions spontaneously offers a free loan of this equipment) as well as other services that may be requested by the customer (catering, supervision by a qualified instructor ...).

The customer agrees to pay the balance of all services by credit card at the time of booking on the site CANOE-FRANCE.COM, via the secure platform of Stripe.


An appointment time is communicated for certain courses; the respect of this schedule is imperative.
In case of too much delay the rental partner will be able to propose another time or another date. If no alternative solution can be proposed the rental will be canceled without the customer can claim a refund of the deposit paid to CANOE-FRANCE.COM.
The customer booking equipment on the site CANOE-FRANCE.COM, certifies to have read the general and special conditions of sale above and agrees to inform the participants of his group of all the terms.


In accordance with the law relating to data processing, files and freedoms of January 6, 1978, users have the right to access and rectify data concerning them.


The present conditions of sale on line are subjected to the French law. In the event of litigation, competence is attributed to the court of Valence,