Canoeing down the Loire and kayak : the spots to see
Canoeing down the Loire and kayak : the spots to see

Canoeing down the Loire and kayak : the spots to see

Emblematic river, mythical tourist destination, the Loire is an invitation to adventure and wild life. But which route to choose to discover it by canoe?

Few rivers are as inspiring. Often presented as the last wild river in France, the Loire awakens the spirit of adventure and the need to return to nature. More and more neo-explorers are embarking on its entire course, from the source to the sea, by canoe or kayak.
But out of the 700 km easily navigable, the choice is sometimes difficult, because not everyone has three weeks to devote nor necessarily the soul of a long-distance sailor.

Camping on the islands, marveling at the castles, feeling far from civilization, admiring the birds, immersing oneself in history... These are the aspirations of canoeists on the Loire.

The Loire between Le Cavereau and Saumur

The section of river linking Le Cavereau to Saumur concentrates all the assets of the Loire on a course of 150 km. Two large cities, Blois and Tours, are located along the way, and one can pass through them fairly quickly without feeling oppressed.

Amboise is also an obligatory stop to admire its castle, its lively streets and the Clos Lucé, home of Leonardo da Vinci.

LOIRE KAYAK guides you through the most beautiful things to see from your canoe between Le Cavereau and Saumur. This section offers the most beautiful postcards of the Loire.

Canoeing on the Loire

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Between St-Dyé-sur-Loire and Chaumont-sur-Loire

It is more for the atmosphere of the small villages and the famous castles that one will choose this or that part of this route of choice.

Upstream from Blois, let's mention the charm of Saint Dyé sur Loire (former port of Chambord) and Cour sur Loire, the castles of Collier and Ménars.

Blois bridge on the Loire river seen from a canoe kayak

In Blois you will marvel at the Jacques Gabriel bridge, perhaps the most beautiful on the river.

By canoe and kayak on the Loire : Chaumont-sur-Loire

Twenty kilometers further down, the castle of Chaumont on Loire leaves you speechless.

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Canoe trip on the river Loire

The Loire from Amboise to Tours : the islands of Loire, a paradise for birds

The twenty kilometers or so that separate Amboise from Tours present some of the most beautiful and largest islands of Loire, a paradise for birds. Among them: terns, laughing gulls, gulls, cormorants, grey herons, little egrets and kingfishers.

Less obvious to observe, the beaver is omnipresent and we have fun learning about its characteristic smell, spotting its tracks on the sand or its many snack spots.

After having slalomed between the sandbanks, another signature of the Loire, the troglodyte houses of Rochecorbon announce the arrival in Tours. Under the famous Wilson bridge, one of the most agitated rapids of the river rumbles, but it can be crossed quite easily in summer.

The Loire after Langeais

Shortly after Langeais, whose castle is also worth a visit, paddlers will inevitably fall in love with Bréhémont and its quay where a few toues, gabares, sapines and other fûtreaux, these boats of yesteryear that have marked the history of the Loire's inland waterways, are moored.

Further down in Chouzé on Loire, the "guinguettes" on the edge of Loire invite you to take a break, while the countless small islands are invitations to bivouac, which you will try to do without leaving any trace.

The ride can continue to Saumur, offering a last castle that the river will allow to admire from a unique angle.

Want to discover the Loire by canoe?

With friends or family, for half a day on kayak or why not for several days in a canoe?
In order for the experience not to turn into a nightmare, it is important to be well guided, well equipped and to choose the right section of the river.
If "sit on top" kayaks are perfectly suited to a day trip, a real "Canadian" canoe is better suited to a trip lasting several days or weeks. Loire Kayak is there to advise you.