Big hikes

Several days trips of canoe-kayak on the Loire

Canoe or kayak trips on the Loire can start from one day and a half. Twenty kilometers per day, or about 4 hours of paddling, allowing stroll and enjoy breaks for sightseeing or just observe your surroundings.

Embark on an adventure with food, beverages and equipment to spend your nights in campsites, hotels, bed and breakfast or bivouacs.

A trip out of modernity, a homecoming, unique emotions and pleasure and 100% natural relaxation await you.
Remember before or after your trip to visit Blois (Castles, museums, old town…).


Parcours canoë Loire (41)

Our mini-trips (1 day and a half to 2 days)

La Détente

Cavereau – Blois: 20km

Want to relax! Go late in the day (with food, beverages and equipment to spend your night), and return the next day at the base Loire Kayak. An unforgettable moment in the heart of nature!
Overnight: Campsite Nouan sur Loire or Muides sur Loire, hotels, campsite…


Saint Dy̩ sur Loire РChaumont sur Loire : 31km

Want to escape! Embark at the ancient port of Chambord in the late morning or in the afternoon for a canoe trip on the Loire. After leaving Saint Dye sur Loire, you will cross Blois and three bridges, you will continue your trip and you will stop in front of the castle of Chaumont sur Loire.
Overnight: Camping Val de Blois (200m from the base), tents or chalets, hotels, bed and breakfast … (You can pick up your vehicle from the car park of our base)

Les Trois Châteaux

Muides sur Loire – Chaumont sur Loire : 35km

Experience the Land of Castles otherwise … On board of your canoe or your kayak you through the typical towns and villages of the Val de Loire (Saint Dye sur Loire, Cour sur Loire and Blois . You will pass the castles of Colliers and Menars to finish in front of the castle of Chaumont sur Loire.
Overnight: Camping Val de Blois (200m from the base), tents or chalets, hotels, bed and breakfast … (You can pick up your vehicle from the car park of our base)

Our traveling canoe trips (2 days or more)

We offer below a program of 2 to 8 days of canoe trips on the Loire, we can adapt it to your project.

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Randonner en canoë sur la Loire

Day 1 : Cavereau – Base Loire Kayak : 20 km

During your day : you will spend at the foot of the Chateau de Colliers, Church of Saint Dye sur Loire (old port of Chambord), the village of Cour sur Loire and the Chateau de Menars.
Overnight: Campsite Val de Blois (200m from the base), tents or chalets, hotels, bed and breakfast … (You can pick up your vehicle from the car park of our base)
Visits: Castles of Chambord, Cheverny and Blois, bike ride (hire on base).

Day 2 : Base Loire Kayak – Chaumont : 20 km

You will cross Blois and will pass at the Creusille port, where you will see the traditional Loire boats, you will arrive at Chaumont sur Loire.
Overnight: Camping de Chaumont sur Loire, hotel.
Visits: Castle and Gardens of Chaumont sur Loire.

Day 3 : Chaumont – Amboise : 18 km

Canoë sur la Loire sauvage (41)You will pass in front of the castles of Chaumont sur Loire and Amboise.
Overnight: Camping on the island of gold (Amboise), hotel.
Visits: Château d’ Amboise, Clos Lucé (last home of Leonardo da Vinci).

Day 4 : Amboise – Vouvray : 14 km

A few kilometers after Amboise, you will pass at Montlouis sur Loire.
Overnight: Camping Poplars (Montlouis sur Loire), hotel.
Visits: Troglodyte’s caves

Day 5 : Vouvray – Saint Etienne de Chigny : 17 km

You will pass in front of the troglodyte’s houses of Rochecorbon then you will cross the city of Tours.
Overnight: bivouac, gite.
Visits: Old Town of Tours, Castle of Luynes.

Day 6 : Saint Etienne de Chigny РBr̩h̩mont : 21 km

You will pass under the suspension bridge of Langeais before your arrival on Bréhémont on the left bank .
Overnight: Hotel.
Visits: Tour de Cinq Mars la Pile, Château de Langeais.

Day 7 : Br̩h̩mont РChouz̩ sur Loire : 20 km

You will pass in front of the Chapelle sur Loire.
Overnight: Camping Chouzé sur Loire, hotel.
Visits: Château de Rigny-Ussé.

Day 8 : Chouz̩ sur Loire РSaumur : 19 km

You will pass through the village of Candes Saint Martin then Montsoreau before arriving on the island of Millocheau in the heart of Saumur, where we will pick you up at the end of your canoe trip.
Visits: Montsoreau, its castle and troglodyte’s caves, Chateau de Saumur.


We welcome you to the Loire Kayak base in the morning, we describe you your canoe trip, we equip you (life jacket and waterproof containers) and our minibus will take you to the starting point.
At the end of your trip, we will come at the end of the day to the point of rendezvous.
For your nights, we recommend campsites near the Loire, you can also alternate with bivouacs on the islands and shores and bed and breakfasts or hotels.
For the logistics of your luggage, we offer you the possibility they are transferred between yours accommodations, for this please contact us.

Equipment provided :

Specific boats for multi-day hikes (Sea Kayak 1 seat, touring kayak 2 seats and Canadian canoes 2-3 seats) and bags and waterproof containers of 3.5L to 64L, transport wheels, chain to attach the boat during stops.

Do not forget :

Camping equipment, front lamps, rope, first aid kit, garbage bags, padlocks.

Custom canoe trips on the Loire

The Loire is particularly suitable for hiking several days by canoe or kayak, you can go two days, sleeping in a chalet or a week alternating bivouac, camping, hotel.
Down all or part of 1013 km of the Loire is a unique experience, the river being the living theater where natural scenes play and constantly renewed…
If you want to make a different trip from those proposed, do not hesitate to contact us to study your project together, we will put our experience and passion at the service of your adventure.