Must we know how to swim ?

Yes, you must be able to swim at least 25 metres, and put your head under water.

Can we bring a child ?

Yes, if he knows how to swim 25m and knows how to put the head under the water.

How do we have to get dressed ?

A sports clothes is recommended (swimsuits, T-shirt), as well as shoes to walk in the water. According to the weather report do not forget the solar protections as well as sweatshirt and wind breaker. We rent neoprene combinations.

Is it necessary to reserve ?

It is recommended to reserve your stroll to avoid waiting the shuttles.

How takes place the stroll ?

Park your vehicle on our car park, we welcome you and equip you (life jackets and dry box), our minibus bring you to the starting point, make your stroll with your rhythm and find your vehicle on arrival.

Can we stop wherever ?

Don’t stop on an island without vegetation, they are protected for birds.