Who invented the kayak ?
Who invented the kayak ?

Who invented the kayak ?

Let's go back in time to see that depending on the geographical region, men have always tried to move on water.

The Eskimos and the kayak

Eskimos in kayak in Noatak (Alaska), 1929.

The Eskimos had developed skimming kayaks. Sitting at the bottom of the boat, the rower has a double paddle. He has a blade on each side of the boat. He is protected from bad weather inside the boat.

Amerindians and the canoe

Amerindian bark canoe
Photograph of Ojibwe women in a canoe on Leech Lake, ca. 1896.

The Amerindians built canoes. They used to kneel down to propel the canoe using their abdominal muscles. On big lakes as well as on big rivers, the paddle is a simple paddle. It is on one side or the other of the canoe.

The canoes or kayaks can accommodate several people.

The evolution of kayak nowadays

Kayaks have evolved a lot: no more psychosis of having legs stuck. Kayaks are stable and often self-draining! On a real canoe, which you use on your knees, the animal skins have been replaced by synthetic inflatables or comfortable mattresses!

The images of a Tony Estanguet or a Denis Gargaud Chanut on TV do not show that these athletes are kneeling in their boats.

Kayak Tony Estanguet
Tony Estanguet at the 2012 London Olympics. AFP PHOTO OLIVIER MORIN

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