Which canoe descentkayak to choose according to my tastes?

Because it is not easy to decide among all these magnificent rivers, we guide you according to your expectations.

I take my children canoeing-kayak

These rivers are ideal for canoeing with children. Take advantage of the accessible beaches for snack and swimming breaks. They will be greatly appreciated by young and old. The canoe descents are accessible to children from 5, 6 or 7 years old depending on the rental company.

I am a beginner in canoeingkayak

Although most of the runs we offer are accessible to beginners, they will reassure you with their calm and quiet nature.

I like rivers that move

These rivers will delight you with the small rapids all along the descent.

I want to see castles and heritage from my kayak

These rivers are lined with castles and villages classified as "the most beautiful villages of France". You can admire them from your kayak during your navigation and discover the heritage of our beautiful regions of France from another angle.

The Vézère is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The Dordogne is classified country of art and history on its part Lotoise.

I like to let myself be carried away and take a break

These rivers have a current that allows you to be carried along without paddling too much. The many accessible beaches are an invitation to take a break.

I like to be quiet and watch birds

The Tarn is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The Gardon and the Loire are classified Zone Natura 2000. On the Dordognesome sites are classified as Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.