Are you looking for an activity idea for the weekend or vacation?
Are you looking for an activity idea for the weekend or vacation?

Are you looking for an activity idea for the weekend or vacation?

Escape by canoeing!

Are you looking for a fun and sporting activity to practice with family, couples or friends?
Enjoy the pleasures of water, for a weekend or for your vacation: there is bound to be a river made for you, to go down by canoe.

For a weekend or day out with the family

This is a great activity idea for a weekend with the kids!

Go with your tribe for a day in a canoe and discover the joys of this multi-generational activity. You stop whenever you want, for a picnic, or for a nap. You water yourself with the paddles, race to see who will prepare the evening meal... On the water, everything is different! 100% pleasure

Get started (as long as the whole family knows how to swim)! Children and teenagers are always delighted and delighted to go on an adventure on the water! We have fun and share good times!

Canoe trips are accessible to children from 5, 6 or 7 years old depending on the rivers, and for all levels, even beginners . And there are 1, 2 or 3-seater kayaks, board alone or with others.

Let yourself be overwhelmed with pleasure!
To share without moderation ! Take the time to take a break from an adventure punctuated by water, nature and the sun.

Book your canoe trip anywhere in France.

Discover these rivers that are particularly suitable for a family canoe trip:

An idea for an outdoor nature outing

Awaken your adventurous soul by exploring the rivers by canoe and kayak. A canoe trip means discovering a new environment. It’s discovery along the water. Observe the fish and birds while paddling along the water.

Many places are secret and wild spots often accessible only by river !
Canoeing is easy and gentle access to nature , simple moments shared in small groups.

Kayaking allows you to escape and get some fresh air! Be careful, outdoor activities seriously harm moodiness!

Reserve your kayak and go on an adventure!
Have you ever thought about going on a canoe trip over several days , with your bivouac in the can?

These rivers will delight you with their natural side:

An idea for a destination for a vacation by the water?

Vacations by the water are great! Making crepes on a deck chair is good...burning calories and creating memorable memories is better!

We have found the holiday activity to enhance your stay, and which is practiced everywhere in France : canoeing! Sharing a friendly moment with children or friends, we want to say: what else?

Have you never tried kayaking or canoeing? Don't hesitate, it's a hobby completely accessible to beginners . And some rental companies even offer outings supervised by an instructor.

This spring , this summer , it's decided, we choose a destination where we can paddle !

Some suggestions for destinations for your next vacation:

An original outing to do as a couple

For a successful romantic outing, here is an activity to have a laugh, perhaps to discover yourself from another angle... Don't they say that paddling a canoe for two is the best test of the strength of a couple?

The best way to spend a romantic weekend: combine your canoe trip with a short tourist visit and a night in a guesthouse.

Even for a last minute outing, contact the rental company closest to you to book your descent, and surprise your partner.

And you, are you more “two in a double canoe” or “each their own kayak”?

These rivers will charm you with their romantic side:

Canoeing, a sporting activity for everyone

Kayaking is an invigorating activity , an easy and fun sport for everyone to keep in shape while having fun. What better idea for an outdoor sporting activity than playing in the white water in a kayak, with family or friends?

It is a sport that helps develop your entire body, which will strengthen it and thus protect it from certain diseases. With canoeing, by paddling, you are guaranteed to consolidate your physical abilities such as coordination, range of motion, balance, muscle strengthening, but also improve memory, listening skills, mind team…

A sport but not only! To discover ! For its attractive price! An hour , half a day , a day or a hike lasting several days , there is something for everyone!

To share a sport with the family : keep calm and come take a canoe trip !

For slightly “sporty” descents, try these rivers:

Everything is possible, have fun :)

See you soon on the water!

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The thing about canoeing is that everyone pretty much knows it without really being sure of the definition. Do you know who invented the kayak?